What a hell life is for?! The question rushes into my mind when I am down in the dump. I have spent years living in financial constraints following the unforgettable deceptive trick played by my colleague to  steal my huge sum of money. But, then it came to my surprise when there is change in my life after I let go of the agony. That is a far better and more optimistic life, if I may say so. It does not mean that I could turn all suffering into blessing overnight. At least, I have to admit that I am in midway through the liberation of my life from such choking financial problems.

The way to cope with such a hardship has a sort of vibration that it echoes through the surrounding areas. Meaning to say that my optimistic life has inspired some of my buddies, despite the fact that I have to survive from the lingering financial hardship from day to day.  I reckon that I spontaneously become a preacher when they come and see me to share the tips. T0 my surprise,  my friends coming to me are those who happen to face similar problem as mine. I should express my sincere gratitude to God for giving me benefits, blessing and happiness. He blesses me through the given way out to solve my problems when I am in need. He also grants remarkable happiness when I can provide helping hands to the needy.

Once, one of my friends came and had a chat with  me. Financially speaking, he puts up with quite a lot of debt. But, his debt by all means is far less than mine. He and his family end up in insecure life for few years due to his bankruptcy. He is a school teacher with a wife and a daughter. His wife and daughter should pay high price for sacrificing her career and the daughter’s education in their attempt to evade the meanest monster-like debt collectors. They decided to run away and stay in my friend’s relative in another town for several months. They left my friend to stand alone facing the collectors who constantly intimidated the family.

Almost in unbearable desperation, he came to me in his efforts to seek help. I just simply told him to feel the fear and face it bravely. “After you make friend with your most fearful feeling, I am sure you will have clear mind and heart to find a way,” I said. It is not just trouble-free action but also needs guts to set him free from the fearful prison.

Few days later, he saw me and smiled. “I am now ready to face the reality,” he confidently said. I then suggested him to go to the next step. I asked him to cleanse all negative thoughts, greed, anger, curse, and all negative feelings that have driven his life thus far. Having identified all setbacks, I called him to build a positive mindset from then on.

I just gave him sort of mental formula to change his life. “From now on, just keep in mind that what you are is what you think. So, be careful with your mind. Always think positively and thus it will attract the positive,”  I said. I told him to list ten dreams or wishes he is in dire need to materialize soon in relation to his indebtedness.

He then wrote ten wishes to affirm every day. This is meant to give subconscious programming in such a way that it will attract what he wants in life. He always utters the ‘magic’ affirmation before and after sleep amidst his prayer. I remind him that the scripture tells us to believe in what we are asking without any doubt as if we have received and then God will grant our wish.

Three weeks later, he came again and told me that my advice worked out well. He got several offerings to teach private lessons. He is now busy teaching private lesson after school almost every night. He can earn extra income to resolve bit by bit his financial obligation to banks. He and his family now get back his normal and secure life without any more terror from unexpected collector.

Positive mind power in combination with firm belief and faith in God work perfectly to provide the abundance of life to all of us. Positive affirmations and mindset undoubtedly can attract wealth.  Above all, I feel the stream of positive energy has grown stronger and drawn me closer to what I wish in life now.  Would you believe it?*** (By: Leo Wahyudi S)

(The article was published in Reader’s Digest Indonesia, Morsel’s of Life, on May 2011 edition)

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